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Russian Households and Peasants – Keep a Strong Hand in Food

Touch the Soil News #221

For most American’s, the production of food is a process materially left to large farms. The Russian people, on the other hand, still materially participate in a number of basic foods.

The Russian government publishes statistics on the volume of food that households and peasant farmers (often 1 person market gardens) produce. Following are the Russian numbers of how much households and peasant farmers produce of the nation’s basic foods:

Grains such as wheat and barley          26.1 percent

Sugar beets                                                10.8 percent

Potatoes                                                     87.8 percent

Vegetables                                                 83.2 percent

Meat                                                              29.8 percent

Milk                                                              53.0 percent

Eggs                                                              21.6 percent

Fruit & Berries                                           75.0 percent

Many Russians who live in the city have sprawling gardens in the country which the tend on weekends.

Hard to imagine that over 80 percent of the vegetables and 50 percent of the milk consumed in Russia comes from households and small peasant enterprises. Odd as it may seem, in the event of a food crisis, many Russians would fare better than the Western world.

Overall, Russian households and peasant farmers produce over 51 percent of all the food in the Russian Federation. Popularly called Dacha Gardening, Russian households are determined to continue the tradition. On average, during the growing season, Russians spend 2.5 hours a day gardening on 20 million acres of garden space.

Following is a short video on Russian Dacha Gardening

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