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Safeguarding the World’s Food Tree Farms

Touch the Soil News #1182 (Feature photo – An Apple Orchard – CCA SA 3.0 Unported)

An acre of pasture can cost less than $1,000. An acre of mature fruit and nut trees can cost as much as $25,000.

On average, an orchardist might pass through the orchard up to 12 to 14 times a year with one kind of spray or another. Often-times this effort is to take expensive preventative action on the whole orchard instead of just the trees that are having a problem.

A new tech company with specific solutions has recently come on the scene. Aerobotics provides real-time inspection of literally every tree in an orchard via drones and satellites. This imagery is the best proven solution to early detection of tree and crop health. At present, the company has over 9 million trees in their database. You can learn more about the company here:

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