Brass Siphon Mixer


“If your applying water soluble nutrients, this is simply the easiest way to mix and apply.”

–  Organic Mechanic

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The Hozon Brass Siphon Mixer is a time-tested, accurate proportioning device, designed for small scale growers and gardeners. The Siphon Mixer dispenses fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides and other water soluble chemicals through a hose to your growing area. All brass construction ensure a long life.

  • Solid Brass Siphon Mixer with Backflow Preventer
  • Spring filter eliminates clogging
  • Name brand, quality item
  • Time-tested, accurate proportioning device
  • Designed for smaller scale growers
  • Siphon Mixer proportions at the rate of 1 gallon concentrate to 16 gallons water
  • Requires a minimum 35 psi for proper operation

Once you have installed the Siphon Mixer, place a 5 gallon bucket next to installation location. Fill with the bucket with water and add the nutrients of your choice.

For example. If your nutrient calls for 1 tsp per gallon, you can add 16 TSP (sixteen teaspoons) to the 5 gallons of water. Mix well and begin application.


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