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Should We Be Concerned About Retail Diversity?


Touch the Soil News #1467 (Feature photo – Amazon Shipping – Public Domain)

The largest retailer in the U.S. is Walmart with over $500 billion a year in sales. Amazon, which has been growing by 30 percent a year, could be larger than Walmart in 3 years. If both companies exceed $500 billion a year in sales, then just two retailers will pull in $1 trillion a year in sales – almost 5 percent of the nation’s GDP.

The natural and food world are in the grips of trying to halt loss of biodiversity. Will people soon have to be fighting the loss of retail diversity as big corporations pursue their never-ending goal to do more with less people? While robots are novel, we can’t forget that people – even CEOs – need to be needed and feel useful. You can read more of the story here:

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