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Silica and what it does for your plant

Silica Powder

Silica Powder

Silica Powder is great to use during all stages of Grow/Veg and all stages of Bloom/Flower. Silica Powder will protect your plants without any pesticides or chemicals, by naturally developing cell walls, increasing structural integrity, and helping to resist drought and disease.

How does Silica Powder differ from Potassium Silicate?
The chemicals and emulsifiers used to blend, non plant available, potassium silicate in order for your plant to recognize it and use it are the main reason we do not recommend or carry this product. Potassium Silicate by itself is not something your plant can see or use. Once combined with the chemicals and emulsifiers, your plants will now recognize this as plant nutrition.

This requires the potassium silicate to always be in liquid form to be plant available. You can get the same benefits from a naturally mined, organic soluble powder which is why we offer our Silica Powder. Completely plant available and friendly, by itself, in powder form, without requiring any chemicals or emulsifiers in order to use.

How do you use Silica Powder?
Use in your reservoir, as a soil conditioner or whichever way works best for you. Mix anywhere from 1/8 to 1 tsp with one gallon of water. Always mixing Silica Powder with your nutrient program will ensure that you provide some flexibility to your feeding. Let me explain.

Silica PowderHave you ever seen a set of plants not looking as good as you expected the next day, or after a feeding, or the next week? Ever wonder what happened? Did I add to much nutrients or not enough nutrients? Silica Powder will help provide a buffer between a mistake and a proper feeding. Now don’t get me wrong, you add too many nutrients or not enough nutrients on a regular basis and your plants will suffer, but always having Silica Powder present in your nutrient solution will ensure that your plants will have uniform cellular wall development and proper plant structure, even though there may have been some times were your plants were missing something.

Specifically designed to help your plant respond better to drought, disease and pests. At the same time Silica is developing your plants cellular walls increasing strength and overall health.

For more information and directions, please refer to our Feed Charts – found here

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