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Soooooo, how can I tell if my plants are under-watered then?

underwatered yellow leaves

So, we figured out how to tell if your plants are over-watered and how to fix it. But how can you tell if they are under-watered? And what can you do to fix that?

Feel your soil. About 1-2 inches down, you should feel some moisture with your finger. If the soil is dry, you need to water. If you can still feel moisture, you can wait a day. Also, when you water, try to get water mostly around the stem, not so much the leaves and blooms of your plant. Please remember, every plant species is just a little different, but these guidelines will go along with most anything.

Crispy Leaves. Crispy leaves are never good! A plant will conserve all the water it can by keeping it in the stem and letting the leaves die off. Whereas an over-watered plant will be yellow and limp, an under-watered plant will be yellow and crisp.

underwatered yellow leaves

Roots visible at the surface of the soil. The soil will be cracked and you will see glimpses of your roots right at the soil surface. If your roots are straining that hard for moisture, they aren’t getting enough.



So what can you do if your plants aren’t getting enough water? Well, you want to make sure you are watering them more frequently, first of all. Then, of course, we have some products to help your plants uptake as much water as is possible!

Yucca Extract

Yucca Powder


Yucca spends its’ entire life searching for water. As a soil additive or as foliar spray, it’s amazing for helping your plant extract all available water from the soil. Starts at $9.71 for 4 ounces.


Humic Acid


Humic Acid is another great soil additive. Humic will not only help your plant uptake water, but will help it resist the stresses of heat, drought, cold, and disease.  Only $7.95 for 8 ounces!


Kelp and Humic Blend


Great news – we also carry a Kelp and Humic blend! Only $11.85 for 8 ounces!

Extreme Blend



Extreme Blend – This is going by far the best product to help your plants intake all the nutrients they’ve been missing out on due to under-watering. Extreme blend includes Soluble Humic Acid (improves the plant health, aids in water uptake), Fulvic Acid (helps water and nutrients permeate the plant), Kelp and Amino Acids! Wait for it . . . $15.50 per POUND. Yup. Just sayin’.

Yucca Extract  Humic Acid Kelp and Humic Blend  Extreme Blend

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