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Speculation Risks Food Security

Touch the Soil News #979 (Feature photo – Farmland – Public Domain)

It is no secret that economics are tossed and torn by the forces of speculation. Bets on what crops will do and bets on farmland have played their own role in displacing farmers from the land.

Recently, The Saskatoon Star Phoenix reported a special committee of the Canadian Senate was studying the problems of rising farmland costs that put ownership of farmland by farmers at risk.

The committee found that pressures from urban development, farmland purchases by multinationals and farmland purchases by pension funds could destabilize Canada’s food security.

According to Dianne Griffin, chairwoman of the special committee: “ It’s exceedingly important in terms of the security of our food supply in Canada that we have Canadian Farmers producing food for us on land that they own.”

You can read the full story here:


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