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Starbucks CEO and the 2016 Presidential Campaign

Touch the Soil News #349

It’s hard to believe that Starbucks is the second largest restaurant chain in the U.S. behind McDonald’s as No.1. So while most of us have tasted Starbucks coffee, how many of us have tasted Starbucks politics. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz recently went public on CNN with his concerns over how the U.S. Presidential race is unfolding. Thought this might of interest to our readers who consume Starbucks coffee.

With $15.2 billion in revenues in 2015 - Starbucks is big enough to be political.

Schultz, as CEO of Starbucks, had total compensation in 2015 of $20 million, most of which was in the form of stock awards and options. His regular salary is somewhat modest – $125,000 per month.

Following is the video clip of Schultz as he expresses concern for America as a whole:

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