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Strawberries!!! Awwww yeah!



We have our first strawberries of the season! They are beautiful and absolutely delicious!



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2 thoughts on “Strawberries!!! Awwww yeah!

  1. Hello, I purchased the Diatomateceous Earth for all those nasty little pests for my vegetable, flower and fruits. First I am worried about my lemon tree that looks poorly and I just added some Kelp to it, but it does have centipedes in the soil. How much do I use and how often. Then in my vegetable garden I have ants, just put some in the soil around the plant, to make it easy, maybe a teaspoon per plant and work it in? I also purchased the Azomite powder, hoping it will help my apple tree which gets a fungus on it’s leaves every year and for my lemon tree to help it come back. I wish there was a pamphlet to download as the How to Mix section doesn’t give me enough information. Thank you for your help and I know your products will help with any problems I have, just need to know the basic, how much, for what purpose and how many times.

    Gloria Jean

    1. Thanks for contacting us. We are happy to help. Please reference to your email for our direct reply and assistance. Have a great day!

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