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Super Bowl Pizza Mania – Hire More People

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As we approach February 5, 2017 (Super Bowl Sunday) the nation’s restaurants are preparing for folks who will shift from cooking at home to ordering food delivered to home – often pizzas.

On the forefront is Pizza Hut. The company has 120,000 employees in its 6,300 locations. However, to meet the expected Super Bowl weekend demand, Pizza Hut just announced it was hiring 11,000 more people. Everything from pizza makers and delivery drivers to store managers.

Pizza Hut executive said that some of the new hires are intended to help growth of the Pizza Hut brand. If the company does not get them all hired before the Super Bowl weekend, their intention is to still hire until they reach their goal.

Super Bowl Sunday is the largest pizza day of the year – by far. The nation’s 60,000 pizza establishments will be driving millions of miles to meet all the orders. On average, Americans eat 100 acres of pizza every day. This volume will be up over 35 percent on Super Bowl Sunday.

The National Retail Federation estimates that around 190 million Americans (60 percent of the nation’s population) will spend an average of $80 for food, apparel and electronics related to the Super Bowl game – $15.2 billion.

Following is a short video clip on Super Bowl Sunday pizza:

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