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Technology to Scan Food for Freshness and Quality

Touch the Soil News #846 (Feature photo – public domain – Dungodung)

One of the places to get a “heads up” on new technology is to follow the money trail. Where are investors investing in food technology? Over the past few years, there have been numerous investment funds established with a singular purpose – invest in and advance food technology.

One of these investment company’s “ACRE” invests and leads investments primarily in the arena of food and farming solutions. ACRE is an agrifood tech venture fund backed by Campbells Soup. Recently ACRE led a $1.3 million dollar startup investment into a company called ImpactVision.

ImpactVision has been developing a technology called “hyperspectral imaging”. The process combines the power of digital imaging with a chemical technique called spectroscopy. In simple terms, you can take a picture of a food item and understand the nutritional content, freshness levels and how much protein, fat, sugar or moisture it contains.

Initially the company is working with larger companies to develop a machine that scans fresh produce. The machine helps sort food into varying categories of freshness and quality, getting ripe foods to market more quickly and shifting less-ripe foods for longer transport.

The long-term goal is that consumers may eventually have this technology on their i-phones where they can scan produce, meats and other foods for quality and freshness right in the grocery store.

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