Kelp4less Growers Guide

Jan W

I began using Kelp4Less products in 2015 after braving learning to grow roses. I have always had tulips, & other bright flower combos, but a friend of mine kept saying my lawn needed some roses. I always thought of roses as too hard to grow & take care of, too many diseases and too much dusting & pests problems.

So I did a study of the most hardy and disease resistent. That ended up being knockout roses. They did very well last year for their first year & got huge on Kelp4Less recipes I used prior to transplanting them. Using a combo of their meals, Alfalfa, Cottonseed, Fish, & a few others I worked the meal into the soil, which is Florida is pure sand.

I was more cautious using Alfalfa because it will burn if you have not had your soil tested. So all others meals equal parts, then cut the Alfalfa to half the ratio. I then added the Endo & Trichoderma in each hole , just a tiny sprinkle filled the holes with water then put the plant in and finished leveling the soil. The growth was rate was awesome, leaves very healthy with alot of new red growth, but the blooms were not very many. So I called Kelp4Less and they suggested the MKP & that did the trick. Each bush was dripping with huge blooms. I planted all double knockouts because I like the thicker loosing blooms & they bloomed right up until Dec 23rd. I went ahead and pruned them all before the first frost and look forward to another successful year next year. Since I have 20 acres it is a challenge doing plants but my yard is awesome.


“I attribute my success to Kelp4Less The wonderful products & advice have helped me be successful & have beautiful landscaping. Thanks Kelp4Less.”

Joe L

Been having problems with over salty nutrients, was fed up with build up and root problems like root rot. Started using start to finish bundle and saw unhappy results for the first week or two, then started to realize that the salts from the previous nutrients were breaking down and the plants were up taking the extra salts and causing problems.

Very shortly after that, the plants started to show signs of much better health and my pearlite was beginning to whiten back up, also roots started to show there “bone white appearance” back again. Contacted product specialist that were more than willing to share their knowledge and very friendly attitude’s pertaining to any question that I’ve had.

So far I am loving the ease, cost and result of the start to finish bundle. Seems to have a very organic makeup. Very happy with my choice to spend the money i didn’t have,when I was not sure if I wanted to continue with my failing ventures. Altho we are not out of the woods yet persay, im extremly hopeful and Looking forward to much much more business with the company and referrals to all my networked growers.

Ralph G

After deciding to try my hand at gardening again I bought some nutrients from Kelp4less and have had amazing results.

Thank you for offering free shipping as well, it would have cost a lot to ship so many items. I will shop again with them and would recommend to anyone else interested in increasing their crops.


“The products worked great, I ended up with great quality and bigger yields than expected.”

Peter M


I have been using Kelp 4 Less products for about 2 years now. I kept noticing the contents of many expensive nutrient brands are available here….

THE EXACT SAME THING without the fancy label and name for much less. By researching the products you offer i also learned a LOT about what my plants like and need.

I have asked several questions about different things……..always answered promptly and i felt like the message was personal to me and not a scripted reply.

“My shipments are always lightning fast with no spills or loose material. Instruction and contents are CLEARLY written on all packages which is great. No more feeding charts or complicated graphs.”

Whatever you grow, however you grow, this place has it all. I KNOW what I am getting!! Thank You Kelp4Less 🙂


Mark V


I’ve been using Kelp4less products for about a year now with amazing results. Try it to see for yourself. It won’t break the bank like other products on the market will.

Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed if you follow instructions they send with each package. I highly recommend KELP4LESS.

“I speak from experience you won’t regret it. And if you see a problem Brody will be there to help with anything that may concern you. Large flowers and great tasting results are why I use this product.”


Bobby M

I stumbled across Kelp4less about a year ago looking for azomite. The product is heavy and shipping cost were more than the product. I was amazed that they had free shipping. Best price on the web for my location.Then I started testing their other products to see if they gave the results they promise.


“After trying everything from Grow Pack to Bud Hardner and a lot in between, I’ve found that you don’t have to test it. If you find a product that states that it will fill your needs, it will, hands down, and better than any other plant products you can buy at any price.”

If you have any questions, call them. They are always pleasant and helpful, and if they don’t have an answer then, they will find it and get back to you. Great company to do business with. My only complaint is that I didn’t find them sooner, I would have saved a lot more money over the years.


“My only complaint is that I didn’t find them sooner, I would have saved a lot more money over the years.”

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