John H

Hello friends at K4L, My introduction to you was initiated by my search for an alternative to fish hydrolysate. So after purchasing and applying your Liquid Gold I discovered all your other products. My goal over the last couple of years has been to rebuild my soil naturally, in particular for my turf grass.

I applied LG all season this year and saw improvements even with the drought here in N. CA.

My recent interest in raising bamboo got me to try your silica, which I applied w/hose end feeder to turf or drenched into the bamboo medium. More improvement in turf and bamboo is still growing strong mid-November. After reseeding turf in October I applied your Amino Acids w/hose sprayer and it turned deep green w/o the stretch of a nitrate. It will look awesome all winter and get a great start in the spring.

I have foliar fed my landscaping with your yucca, kelp and amino acids regularly till now and will pick it up in the spring. I have also been satisfied with using your other products, small scale in hydroponics. Still transitioning, but I love what you have going on and am a very satisfied customer.