Mark W


Should I switch to Kelp4less?

A friend told me about a few of your products, and gave me his Kelp4less coupon. So I decided to check out your website.

After looking around a bit, I started checking out the videos, featuring the “Organic Mechanic”. And the first point he made, about buying liquid fertilizer.

And how I am just paying for a lot of WATER, made good sense to me.

Incredible products, at an unbeatable price! Wished I had made the switch sooner.

Until now I have been using top dollar “brand name” liquid fertilizer and achieving decent results. It was then I started to examine the costs. And found that what I was paying for these nutrient’s for 1 crop, I could buy Kelp4less products, that would last me for a year or more for the same money.

Though it was difficult for me to give up, my “tried and true” methods, which I had been using for years now. I always suspected that my plants could do better. I am now finishing my first crop using Kelp4less, using the Grow Pack; and 3 stage Bloom Pack.

The results are stunning! First my vegetative cycle: Was shortened because of the rapid growth and massive foliage. I was able to go into blooming early.

Second my bloom cycle: I have never had plants that are so lush! The buds are huge, dense and very aromatic. I still can’t believe the difference! I think I gained close to 20% more weight per square foot.