Warren P


I have been gardening for over 35 years. I have used most nutrient lines, buying into the sales pitch, and spent way too much money. Most commercial products will give decent results thru “modern chemistry”.

However, a look at the ingredients and we see mainly salts, heavy metals with a dash of something natural hiding behind the attractive labeling. The nutrient industry and their supply chain have become outrageously greedy, making exaggerated claims regarding results or the number of PhD’s and scientists perfecting their chemical soups.

All that is missing from the other nutrient lineups is the Vaseline packet to ease the price gouging pain. You could call me stubborn or just a slow learner. But now I don’t buy into the “Big Boys”, using the conventional, highly marketed ways that leave you needing to buy evermore of their product lines.

I have decided to be greener, using mostly organic products. Instead of killing my soil with a salty nutrient solution with who knows what in it,

I now build and nourish the soil with exactly the base ingredients that give life to my garden. My plants have never looked better.

With a little homework and a willingness to give up some of the convenience of premixed products, you can have superior results using K4L products. Why pay for packaging and water? Get your hands dirty and mix it yourself.