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The Co-operative Model – A Growing Trend?

Positive Future #196 (Feature photo – Migros Grocery in Switzerland is a Cooperative – CCA SA 3.0 Unported)

Cooperatives have played a key role in the economic development and stability of rural America for decades. There are grain co-operatives, buying co-operatives and selling co-operatives. The co-op model is to serve its constituents (as opposed to stockholders exploiting its employees).

Interestingly, a major political party in the United Kingdom is called the Cooperative Party. People must strive to cooperate in order to maximize economic prosperity and avoid income inequality. Recently, Resilience – a organization promoting alternative solutions – carried an article about a report on co-operatives released by the UK Co-operative Party. In short, the co-operative model of business has been found to have lower staff turnover, pay more taxes than for-profit corporations and have lower pay inequality.

Is the world moving towards an economic system more founded upon principles of working together as opposed to competing for a limited supply of money? Consider that two largest supermarket chains in Switzerland are cooperatives. The Migros grocery cooperative employs over 100,000 people.

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