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The CUFBA Movement – What Does it Mean?

Touch the Soil News #567

CUFBA stands for College and University Food Bank Alliance. The alliance just announced its 400th member. In a recent poll sponsored in part by CUFBA, more than 3,000 students at a mix of 34 community and four-year colleges were surveyed. A walloping 48 percent had experienced food insecurity in the past 30 days.

What makes this report significant is that nationally, only about 15 percent of the population is food insecure. Why is hunger three (3) times more prevalent on college campuses than off campus?

You can download the complete report here:

While causes of food insecurity on college campuses are complex, the short answer is that jobs that parents of students have don’t pay enough and neither do the jobs students hold while going to school.

Ironically, most business and finance curriculums at colleges and universities teach that the cost associated with jobs must be curtailed at all costs – It’s called the principle of financial efficiency.

One must ask is there a correlation between what colleges and universities teach relative to finance and economics that results in extraordinarily high rates of food insecurity on campuses?

Participation in the CUFBA movement has quadrupled over the past two years. The current membership number of 400 institutions represents about 9 percent of the some 4,700 colleges and universities in the nation.

What might be the likelihood, even as officials declare a resurgence of economic prosperity, that in a few more years most colleges will have to have a food bank on campus?

Following is short video featuring the founder of CUFBA:

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