The Dirty Duo

How Mycorrhizae and Enzymes work together.

beneficial bacteria


Mycorrhizae, along with beneficial bacteria and trichoderma, combine to assist your roots in production. Not only breaking down earth elements, such as calcium and phosphate, but they pave the roads for the roots to grow, move and develop. A roots job, ultimately, is to go search for water and food. Mycorrhizae makes this process extremely efficient for the plant. Allowing it to produce a much larger root mass in a shorter amount of time.

Classifications of Mycorrhizae

There are 2 forms of Mycorrhizae, that we are familiar with, Ecto and Endo being the most popular. Basically, the Ectomycorrhizae variety forms a sheath around your plant roots. Ecto, meaning outer, or external, helps development on the outside of the plants.

Endomycorrhizae actually penetrate the roots of your plants. But
what do they really do? And isn’t it bad to have fungus in your soil? Endo, meaning internal or within, assists on the inside of your plant for healthy growth and development

Enzyme Powder

Enzymes are very popular in nutrient programs today, utilizing these enzymes will accelerate the process of breaking down organic matter to clear a path for the roots to develop more efficiently. This break- down of organic matter helps Mycorrhizae accomplish it’s job, far more efficiently than without.

Enzymes also improve the absorption of all other nutrients, as the roots can function easily. Enzymes also increase resistance against pathogenic organisms and promotes a healthier root zone. If you plan on recycling your soil/medium, make sure to include some enzymes to speed up the process.

Family of Enzymes

Compatible with any and all nutrient programs. This product is the only soluble enzyme powder found on the market today.

Water Soluble Enzymes derived from the Pepsin family of Enzymes. En- joy all the benefits without the expensive price tag like other Enzyme products in liquid form.