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The Eden Project in Liberia– Can This Help America?

Touch the Soil News #1944 (Feature Photo  – Working in the Eden Project  – (Courtesy of the Eden Project)

Liberia is a small nation in Western Africa with a population of 5.5 million people.  The per-capita GDP is only $735 dollars a year.  Without the social safety nets like America, such as unemployment, entitlement payments and food banks, what are people to do?


The Eden project helps people learn a trade – growing food and making a business of it.  There is a new term emerging in the U.S. called “work fare” instead of “welfare.”  The idea is simple. Allow those who can, contribute to their personal productivity and upkeep.  In Liberia, the folks are happy to have a means that lifts them up.  What do you think?  Is there value in the principle espoused by the Eden Project?  Could a local farmer talk to his/her city or county into helping fund such a project?  You can read the story here:

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