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The External Tentacles on American Agriculture

Touch the Soil News #501

Few folks realize that global trade agreements mean that foreign interests can own and operate agricultural enterprises in America the same as Americans.

Back in 2013, the world’s largest pork processing company – Smithfield Foods – was purchased by Chinese state-supported company Shuanghui International Holdings Ltd. for $14 billion. Brands such as Smithfield, Nathan’s, Armour and Farmland are icons in America – but are Chinese owned.

Today, Smithfield has over 50,000 employees in the U.S., Mexico and 10 European countries. The company also owns the world’s largest slaughterhouse and meat-processing plan in the world located in Tar Heel, North Carolina. Overall, the company processes over 27 million hogs a year with sales in excess of $15 billion annually.

However, Chinese owned Smithfield Foods is not satisfied with just controlling the processing of pork – the number one meat in China. Smithfield Foods announced on September 21, 2016 that it is purchasing grain handling operations in Harpster and Morral, Ohio. As we know, grain is what meat animals eat and in order to assure access to pork, you must also assure access to what feeds pork.

Grain purchased at the Harpster buying station will feed hogs in Smithfield’s Eastern Hog Production Division. Soybeans purchased from the Morral buying station will be loaded on location and transported to customers around the world.

A Must See: Following is an insightful video into the takeover of Smithfield Foods by Shuanghui International Holdings Ltd.:

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