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The Giving Grove – Small Community Orchards

Touch the Soil News #1787 (Feature Photo  – Apple Orchard – CCA SA 3.0    Unported, KoriAn)

It is no secret, that the non-profit approach to food security has grown by leaps and bounds. Consider that food banking in the U.S., for example, expresses itself through over 60,000 local charitable feeding agencies. The Giving Grove takes another route by creating orchards in neighborhoods, where the residents tend the orchards and share in the harvests. You can read the full story here:

This doesn’t mean that for profit local food producers are out. The world needs specialization of labor and being an experienced orchardist, is certainly a valuable skill. One wonders, is there a for-profit idea in the community orchard concept? How about orchardist services for people’s fruit trees in their yards?

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