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The Green New Deal

Positive Future #380 (Feature photo – Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainable Energy in Tandem – CCA 2.0 Generic)

In our popular media, the concept that we can do anything we set our mind to almost always applies to the individual. If we attempt to apply it to a nation or city, critics emerge out of the woodwork to curse broad visions as utopian, unrealistic, too expensive and fantasy. By the time the financial critics get done we all bow down and embrace the concept that humanity cannot ever adequately afford itself.

Bigger social and environmental stewardship visions are coming over the horizon at a faster pace. The efforts for social, economic and environmental improvement just got a unified name – The Green New Deal. The largest change that may come out of the efforts for a Green New Deal may be a new economic structure in which finance starts to be replaced with social agreements. Social Agreements on how to divide up what can be produced locally or through co-ops.

If the Green New Deal has a shortcoming, it may be that it doesn’t acknowledge the shortcomings of finance and start thinking about other economic models not predicated upon in part or in whole on finance.

CleanTechnica journalist Jeremy Bloom takes a closer look at the movement:

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