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The “Green New Deal”

Positive Future #358 (Feature photo – Urban Income Inequality – CCA SA 2.0 Generic Micah Sittig)

The Green New Deal attempts to address economic inequality and arresting climate change. At the heart of the “deal” is how younger people think about the world they are inheriting. Feelings by younger people that they are inheriting a world “trashed” by the older generations have some truth.

When it comes to economic inequality, that issue is raging around the world already. The biggest criticism of the “Green New Deal” is how to finance it all. That really strikes at the heart of the matter. Why can’t we adequately afford ourselves within the framework of the existing financial/economic system? From this perspective, the “Green New Deal” points in a direction that goes far beyond income inequality and climate change. It hints at a complete overhaul of how we work together and reward ourselves for doing so.

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