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The Movement – Cage-Free Eggs

Touch the Soil News #278

Watt Global Media – which specializes in news surrounding the egg and poultry industries just published all the players in the cage=free egg movement. Following are the companies and time frames when they will be able to source all of their eggs from producers that use cage-free practices.


Completion by 2016

Taco Bell and Shake Shack


Completion by 2020

Arby’s Nestle, Peet’s Coffee, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Caribou Coffee, Panera Bread, Wendy’s,


Completion by 2022

Royal Caribbean Cruises


Completion by 2025

Dunkin Donuts, General Mills, McDonlads, Groupo Bimbo, Qdoba Mexican Grill, Kellogg’s, Carnival Cruise Lines, Subway and Quiznos.


In the Future


Battery Cage laying hens. Costco is coming under pressure to abandon sourcing eggs from battery cage facilities.

Most notable about these companies is that they all made their announcements over the past 7 months. Also notable is how long it will take for the farm suppliers of all of these companies to make the capital improvements necessary to be able to deliver cage-free.

Of note is that Costco is not coming up with a transition completion date. Last year, the Humane Society did an “undercover” investigation of the suppliers of Costco Eggs. It was not pretty and quite disappointing. Following is a video clip of that investigation.

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