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The New World – Trains

Positive Future #12 (Feature photo – Trains of the New Silk Road)

While much of the global news is focused on acts of bad behavior, our focus on the events of the larger world are compromised. Even while technology seems to be the darling of human evolution, few things can compare to the reshaping of relationships in the world around the trains that define the new silk road.

It is a train system sponsored by China that is for the first time in history connecting the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa with a ”freight train” system. For the first time in history, freight trains from china are traveling to London and Germany. Goods from Shanghai can now travel the 7,500 miles to Germany and London and vice versa – creating the greatest boon to international relations and trade in our lifetimes.

What used to take over a month by ship, now only takes two weeks by train as the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa forge new relationships.

Grain shipments that used to come to China from the U.S. and Australia can now come from Eastern Europe, Russian and other agricultural giants in half the time. The trains are part of a Chinese vision for a new “silk road” that for the first time in human history connects more people with more goods than at any time in the past at less cost.

No one saw this coming that the old invention of the train – in its new intercontinental incarnation – may reshape global power, politics and trade.

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