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The Production and Purchasing of Food

Positive Future #450 (Feature photo – Outdoor Food Market – CCA SA 4.0 International)

While theorists have theories of how the world is going to feed billions more people in the future, they seem to overlook the obvious. Why can’t the world feed itself today?

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (a division of the United Nations) keeps tabs on the prevalence of hunger in the world. That number has been rising for the past 3 years. Earth Overshoot Day – the day of the year after which the world overdraws ecosystems and resources to maintain the economy – will most likely be towards the end of July in 2019.

The positive news is that FAO tracking of how we are falling behind in feeding the world’s peoples will bring much needed attention wasted on the future to bear on solutions needed today. You can read the latest report here:

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