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The Rise of Southern Hemisphere Nations

Positive Future #415 (Feature photo – Map illustrating the Global North and the Global South – Public Domain)

Most of us are occupied with our own personal concerns – which is indeed important. However, one of the largest factors in the World’s future is how nations co-operate. It is true that in the past, the world was shaped by world wars and conflict. World wars and conflicts are often a net negative. As warring parties vie for the upper hand, the larger landscape of people, the natural environment and public infrastructure experience decline and decimation.

Coming up on the horizon is what is called the South-South Cooperation. It is all about nations in the Global South co-operating to help each other solve problems and prosper. Because much of the issues relating to natural resources and poverty are in the Global South, this new level of co-operation is significant. There is little question that food and agriculture are on the top of the list of priorities. This focus, will potentially serve people and nations much better than the examples of wars from past generations. You can read more about the South-South Cooperation here:

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