The World is Turning Away from Plastic

Touch the Soil News #1029 (Feature photo – Plastic Straws – CCA SA 2.0 Generic)

Emerging statistics of micro-plastic particles in our water bottles, floating onto our dinner plates and compromising our oceans are becoming more common place. Now, the European Union (with a population that is 60 percent larger than the U.S.) is banning 10 popular single-use plastic products. These products are materially driven by the food chain and are responsible for 70 percent of all marine litter.

Part of the plan is to require that single-use plastics are no longer provided free of charge and that other more environmentally friendly materials must be used.

While ocean pollution is a driving reason for the ban, the health consequences of our bodies being polluted with millions of micro-plastic particles are now being questioned and studied. This is another blow to the fossil-fuel industry as most plastics are made from oil-based products.

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