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Thinking About the Home Front – And Our Food Gardens

Positive Future #282 (Feature photo – Hurricane Flooding in Texas in 2017 – public domain)

The news organization called Curbed, recently posted an interesting article about homes at risk in the coastal regions in general – and Florida in specifics.

The author – Patrick Sisson – lists the coastal cities in Florida most at risk from coastal storms and rising sea levels. This is a good thing, because the nation cannot continue without giving a lot more thought as to where we build and how we build.

Not mentioned in the article are other climate risks that have been impacting the rest of the nation to include:

  1. Fires in the West
  2. The super volcano potential in Yellowstone Park
  3. Excessive events from hail storms
  4. Tornadoes in the mid-west
  5. Floods along major rivers
  6. Earthquakes in California and other western states
  7. Smoke particles in the west impacting millions of people

You can read the whole story here:

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