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Touch the Soil News #612

(Feature photo – courtesy of Peter Glazebrook (gardener who grew it) as he holds one of the largest carrots ever grown – over 20 lbs.)

While we focus on subjects related to food and at times serious, we came across some fun farm stuff from the Guinness Book of Records:


  1. The longest journey on a tractor goes to a German man – Hubert Berger. Berger, riding his 1970 vintage tractor with a top speed of less than 20 mph, traveled 15,769 miles throughout Europe in the course of six months in 2016.
  2. A Canadian milking cow named Smurf gave out 478,163 pounds of milk during her 15 years on Earth.
  3. The largest cucumber plant in the world was raised and tended at the Epcot Science Project (At the Walt Disney Resort in Florida). From March 24 to July 5, 2006, the plant produced 2,078 pounds of cucumbers.
  4. The largest egg from a Leghorn hen was produced in 1956 and weighed a whopping 16 ounces – 1 lb. The egg contained a double yolk and a double shell.
  5. A 2,000 year old date palm seed discovered in the early 1960s in Israel, was saved and planted in 2005 at the Louis Borick Natural Medicine Research Center. Eight weeks after planting, the seed sprouted and is still alive and well. As interesting, is a team of Russian scientists report that they were able to sprout a 32,000 year old seed – but it was not verified by Guinness.


Following is a video clip on 18 giant fruits and vegetables:

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