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Tip of the Day – Nutrient Percentages

Nutrient Percentages

Nutrient Percentages

Total % vs Available %

Rock Phosphate is a great example and starting point.

When you see 20% total phosphate vs 3% available, this means that out of the total 20%, about 3% is chelated, or available for your plants to absorb. We often interchange the word chelated with “plant available”. Don’t worry though, the rest of the phosphorus will become available later on, as soil microorganisms like bacteria and fungi secrete chemicals called chelating agents to help with this. Think of the other 17% as your “slow release” rock phosphate.

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Rock Phosphate

Amino Acids are another great example

Plants synthesize Amino Acids from the Primary elements, the Carbon and Oxygen obtained from air, Hydrogen from water in the soil, forming Carbon Hydrate by means of photosynthesis and combining it with the Nitrogen which the plants obtain from the soil, leading to synthesis of amino acids, by collateral metabolic pathways. Only L-Amino Acids are part of these Proteins and have metabolic activity.

Our Amino Acid product is 100% available. Meaning the N-P-K of 14-0-0 is 14% available nitrogen. That’s instant gratification as your plant CAN use all of the nitrogen.

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Amino Acid

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