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Top 5 Best Ways to Enhance Your Garden

Top 5

Number 1: Foliar Sprays


By Far Most Important:
First and most important, is a Foliar Spray. This is a very basic technique used by many expert level growers.

Regardless of, if you are in an indoor environment or an outdoor environment, your plants uptake 8-20 times more nutrients through the leaves than through the roots. That means foliar spray, and regularly.

But What Do I Spray?
Some of the best products to spray on your plants to promote and enhance growth are, Organic Acids. Organic Acids consist of Soluble Kelp, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid and Amino Acids.

These products you can Foliar Spray on anything from indoor house plants to large outdoor trees and everything in between. Which is why we created our Extreme Blend. This is a proprietary blend of the ingredients listed above.

Great Products For Foliar Sprays:

Number 2: Mycorrhizae


Secondly, Mycorrhizae and how very beneficial to your garden it is indeed. All fruit and flower size and quality ultimately depends on the plants root system. Without strong healthy roots it will not produce anything of quality or size.

To help bring a better understanding of what Mycorrhizae is and does, lets dive deeper into this subject and give a few examples.

Building Blocks:
Mycorrhizae and the Beneficial Bacteria create a symbiosis relationship with the roots, which stimulates aggressive root branching, development of fine root hairs which aid in nutrient uptake.

Without this symbiotic relationship, all plant roots would take longer to develop and your plant growth would be stunted.

Road Construction Ahead:
This symbiotic relationship is like the road we drive on with our cars today. Could you imagine having to commute anywhere without roads? Without highways and freeways that connect so many separate locations?

This same web of connection exists in the plants roots. Mycorrhizae will help the building process and road construction work so much more efficiently.

Mycorrhizae Products:

Number 3: Consistency

What Does That Mean?
Consistency may seem like something very basic, but understand, every master level gardener knows the value and has learned the lessons of consistency.

If you want a consistent garden, consistent production, consistent size or consistent quality, you must first be consistent for your plants, in food, nutrition and in water to expect consistency.

Even though it may be a pain, remember, the more we learn, the easier it gets, the larger the harvests. That’s what we’re all after.

What’s The Next Step?
Get a schedule, use ours if you would like, find one online, create one yourself, just follow it, at least for a week and tweak it to your liking after you have learned from it.

It’s not about following a schedule exactly, it’s about having a baseline or blueprint of what you are feeding your plants and adjusting on the fly, based on your plants reaction to your methods. The schedule will allow us a middle ground to always reference too later if needed.

Play To Win:
An athlete that regularly wins competitions, only wins because he consistently trained to win. The smartest student only got there by consistently studying in his subject matter.

Your plant will only produce quality and size if you consistently feed and water. This does not happen by chance. The expert level gardener knows the value and lessons of consistency.

Proven Winners:
Our Feed Charts and products within the feed charts regularly win awards and competitions for plant production, quality and yield. No gimmicks, no fancy labels, JUST RESULTS.

Number 4: Supplement

When Something is Wrong:
As a gardener, when something is missing or wrong with your garden, the best way to correct or fix a problem is to supplement with the correct nutrients or enhancers.

Ensure all elements for plant development are present by using our Grow and Bloom Packs. They make a great all-in-one formula.

Our Methods and Process:
We like to enjoy a healthy garden, flourishing in every way, showing no signs of weakness or nutrient deprivation. There is only one way of doing that. Providing what the plant needs when it needs it. Which is why we supplement before the plant shows signs of deficiency. Before there is a problem.

We enhance our soils ahead of time with products like Oyster Shell Flour, Rock Phosphate and Kelp Meal, Crab Meal, allowing slow release nutrients later in the growing season.

We supplement our Compost Teas with Mycorrhizae, Kelp and Humic Acid. We Foliar Spray Extreme Blend religiously. We do all of this…Because it works.

Soil Enhancers:

Number 5: Read The Label

What’s there?:
You will find valuable information on the product label. Some things to consider and inspect are:

NPK Analysis
Product Ingredients
Inert Ingredients
Expiration Date
Heavy Metals

Where to Look?:
On every product you purchased at a retail outlet, garden center or hydro shop, has a DERIVATIVES statement on the product label.

How This Applies To You:
Everything has to add up to whole, or 100%. If what you are buying at the store is 2% Nitrogen, or 1% Phosphate or 5% Potassium, if the product is in liquid form, the remainder will most likely be, what everyone has access too, water.

That’s 98% Water in the case of Nitrogen listed above, 99% water in the case of Phosphate listed above, and 95% Water in the case of Potassium listed above. A light bulb should have just went off right there…

So lets cover another example. If you have a standard Bloom base nutrient. The NPK on the front of the label might be somewhere around a 1-4-3 analysis. This means Nitrogen is at 1%, Phosphorus is at 4% and Potassium is as 3%.

Totaling everything, we have 8% total nutrient accounted for…WAIT??? WHAT??? A Bloom base nutrient with 8% actual nutrient value for your plant?? The majority of the product is water and that’s free.

It is rare to see more than 10% nutrient in any liquid product on a retail shelf.

Have You Seen Me →

Yes, I have seen you, many times. Containing 99% Water. Less than 1% of awesomeness and 99% of what I already have access to, free of charge. Hope something just clicked right there…

Empower yourself by always reading the label, knowing what is in the product you are applying. What you apply to your plants, will ultimately be what you consume, so do some research.

Know what it is that you are adding to your nutrient program. All master level gardeners know the exchange between supplementing a plant and consuming the harvest.


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3 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Ways to Enhance Your Garden

  1. Hello, thank you for this e-mail on the 5 best ways to enhance my garden. I live in Beautiful HOT, DRY as a bone Tucson Arizona, where we have extreme gardening conditions to deal with. The first being our soil, which is: caliche (calcium carbonate that often forms a cement-like impenetrable layer that must be broken up or removed before planting). And also our soil is very alkaline, light-colored and low in organic matter. So, I already know that what you have to offer is what I need, but where to start. I do know how to make Foliar Spay 5 gallon’s at a time with a fish tank bubbler. And I also know to add nutrients, usual in layers, when I plant. We are pressed for time here in the desert. My pepper plants are already s[routed and I’ll be dropping tomato seeds into water any day now. This is so that I can get my plants into the ground by mid February. Can you e-mail a discount code along with a great place to start for my first order? I also grow Cantalope and Okra.

    Thank you, Jonathan.

    1. We can certainly help. We will be getting in touch with you directly. Thanks!

  2. I run a Growing group on facebook and a lot of what I teach comes from this method. I think people need to not only read labels but also learn that they can make amazing things from very few ingredients.

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