Traditional Meat – On the Way Out?

Touch the Soil News #806 (Feature photo – Library of Congress)

Three Israeli companies – SuperMeat, Future Meat Technologies and Meat the Future are only three (3) of eight companies in the world growing meat from animal cells in laboratories as reported by Quartz Magazine.

These three Israeli companies, however, just inked a $300 million deal with China to partner up in working to create and commercialize lab-grown meat. The International Trade Centre reports that China imported more than $10 billion in meat last year.

China now eats more meat than the U.S. and livestock is responsible for 14.5 percent of greenhouse gas pollution.

According to the Times of Israel, China has already announced a plan to cut Chinese meat consumption by half.

So, is meat at the crossroads? Why else would China invest $300 million to bring lab-grown meat into the Chinese mainstream? Called cellular agriculture, the change could catch on in a world of less than abundant resources.

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