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Trusting and Thinking

Touch the Soil News #839 (Feature photo – Andre Kohler in front of his farm stand – photo courtesy of Casamor Farm and Andre Kohler)

What can you do for extra cash when living in an urban neighborhood? In the residential area of Mar Vista in Los Angeles lives Andre Kohler who converted his front and back yards into food crops. Besides turning his lawn into growing vegetable beds, Kohler planted 30 nut and fruit trees. He calls his enterprise the Casamor Farm.

In 2016, Kohler opened a farm stand in front of his house which is open for business every Sunday. The farm stand operates on an honor system which lets folks buy what they want and pay what they think its worth. With his diversity of vegetable, fruit and nut crops, Kohler can offer a variety that appeals to many folks.

While many of us are untrusting of others, Kohler decided to build his “honor” farm stand anyway. From Switzerland, Kohler says that this kind of enterprise is popular in Switzerland and he has found out that it works well here.

The Mar Vista area where Kohler lives used to be productive farmland, which has left Kohler with good soils in his yard to work with – along with some hard work and other soil-building efforts.

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