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U.S Farmers – Losing Big in the Trade Wars

Touch the Soil News #1412 (Feature photo – Aquaponic Farm – By Lili Stewart – ATSDR (part of the CDC) series of state-specific fact sheets. Bitmap versions have been seen on US Embassy websites. Direct PDF URL [1], Public Domain,

The U.S. agricultural sector plants around 90 million acres of soybeans every year – in large part to support China’s need to feed itself. North Dakota is one of the states that over the past 20 years geared up to service the Chinese markets. With the trade war in its second year of devastation in North Dakota, farmers are struggling with the reality that they have become the “fall” guys.

FoodMarket News brings insight into North Dakota farming which represents 25 percent of the state’s economy. You can read the full story here:

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