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U.S. Food Expenditures – On the Road to $2,000 billion ($2 Trillion)

Touch the Soil News # 128

Every year the U.S. population grows around 2.7 million and the USDA estimates that food inflation averages 3 percent. By using USDA averages, the U.S. will spend $1,561 billion for total food expenditures in 2015. Of that amount, $26 billion is the value of food grown at home and donated.

The following Info Graphic #1 illustrates the growth in total food expenditures. Based upon historical growth averages, we should hit $2 trillion plus by 2021.

There are some unknowns between now and then that could change this projection:

  1. Will Americans be able to translate their work ethic, skills and labor for enough dollars to fill the $2 trillion dollar food envelope?
  2. Will global competition for food and the resources to raise food, increase the rate of food inflation?
  3. How many people in the U.S. will not be adequately participating in the $2 trillion food envelope?

The following is an interesting video clip on food for the homeless that has gone viral – almost 40 million views so far.

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