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U.S. Water Usage – 378 billion Gallons a Day

Positive Future News #913 (Feature Photo – Singapore – CCA 2.0 Generic, Ray in Manila)

Water awareness is as essential as political awareness, if not more. Politics can change, access to water can’t. The story of water in the United States is simple. Water sources, from rivers and from pumping out of the ground, have been over-allocated. This means water sources are in decline, while water needs are on the increase.

The latest reports indicate that the U.S. uses about 378 billion gallons a day that includes about 100 gallons per person for household needs. The photo above of Lake Mead behind Hoover Dam, shows how one of the nation’s largest artificial water reservoirs has been in decline for the last 20 years. Much of the water that has been directed via rivers and canals to Arizona and Sothern California is on the verge of curtailments.

It’s not that the world is coming to an end, it’s just that our use and enjoyment of water is being curtailed. Roughly 70 percent of the water goes to agriculture. While agriculture will take the first big hits, coastal cities with the ability to desalinate will be at the forefront of solutions.,Expanding%20manufacturing%20and%20mining%20activity.

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