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Understanding the Megawatt

Positive Future #58 (Feature photo – Offshore Wind Turbine – CCA SA 4.0 International)

How many homes can 1 megawatt power? Estimates are around 750 homes. As wind turbine technology continues to evolve, economics is shaping the entry of larger and larger wind turbines. In 2010, the global megawatt rating on wind turbines was 1.6 megawatts – 1,200 homes. By 2022 that number will be around 2.8 megawatts – 2,100 homes.

However, there are some big numbers coming from specialty wind turbines that are offshore. Large German offshore wind turbines are averaging 6 megawatts – 4,500 homes. Over the next six years, offshore turbines are expected to reach 12 megawatts – 9,000 homes.

Global wind turbine generation is expected to grow by over 10 percent a year over the next 3 years.

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