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Union of Concerned Scientists – Fix Food and Farming

Touch the Soil News #283

Usually when we think of the Union of Concerned Scientists we think about things like global pollution, unsustainable energy or climate change. However, the scientists recently came out with a 20-page report that had some pretty bold statements about the nation’s food system. Following are two statements they published:

  1. The nation’s cities are at the frontlines of a food system that is sickening millions of Americans every year and keeping many of these same people impoverished. This dysfunctional system is the product of federal food and agriculture policies that encourage overproduction and overconsumption of unhealthy processed foods.
  2. Local communities should not have to fight an unhealthy, unfair, and unsustainable food system or expend their resources and energies undoing the effects of such a system.

Recently, the Union of Concerned Scientists have launched a program to engage national politics in the fixing of the food system. Following is a short video clip by the Union of Concerned Scientists about our food problem and its contribution to poor health which takes the fight to the national level.

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