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Update on Bee Losses

Touch the Soil News #459 (feature photo – CC 4.0)

Approximately 35 percent of global crop production and 85 percent of all flowering plants rely to some degree on pollination. So when we hear about bee colony collapse, the whole idea is unnerving at best.

Recently, a group of 17 scientists, government researchers and NGOs came together to discuss the dangers surrounding the loss of pollinators. Led by Professor Mark Brown of London, the group came up with some hair-raising discoveries:

The consolidation of the agri-food industries was the single biggest threat to pollinators. Corporate control of agriculture on a global scale risks homogeneous use of land that could damage diversity. Large corporations are applying blanket production systems to landscapes that are vastly different from nature, significantly reducing the diversity and number of native pollinators. Also identified as a possible cause of colony collapse disorder is the broad use of insecticides – chemicals designed to kill insects.

Following is a video clip on how the U.S. is approaching the savings of bees. Is it enough?

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