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Urban Food Security – What are High Prices Telling Us?

Touch the Soil News #1859 (Feature Photo – Local Food Stand – Public Domain)

If you are a political leader, history suggests that your power is anchored in whether your constituents can afford to eat and/or the grocery shelves are stocked. When the top agricultural agency in the world – The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is focusing on food security in cities, it’s time to take note.

Food security in cities is eroded from three things. 1. Supply chain kinks.  2. Agricultural productivity not keeping up with demand. 3. Food price spikes. Are all three of these situations coming together to spell greater opportunity for local and urban famers? Following is a recent post from the FAO talking about these exact issues for the Asia-Pacific region. For Americans, there are no laws that protect food in America from not leaving the country to go to the highest bidder anywhere in the world – not just the Asia-Pacific. You can get some insights from the FAO’s article, as these issues are attracting debate and ingenuity around the globe:

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