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Urban Seed – Big Plans for Las Vegas

Touch the Soil News #455

Urban Seed, a Las Vegas enterprise, wishes to launch a worldwide farming revolution while making Las Vegas an environmentally responsible source of high-end produce. Last week, the management team – a group of 10 highly experienced professionals in business, finance, horticulture and culinary arts – broke ground on a campus of 7 greenhouses. The greenhouses will have an incandescent green glow which will make them visible from the Las Vegas strip.

The new campus will also include a production studio, commercial kitchen and event space. At the heart of the operation will be the hydroponic greenhouses which Urban Seed says will be run and managed with their proprietary technology and processes.

The Urban Seed team (from left) Jared Krulewitz, Lindsay Beck, Doug Griffith, Rachel Wenman, Tom Winn, Cynthia Thompson, Jolen Mannina and Keith Bell. (Photo bye Krystal Ramirez and courtesy of Urban Seed).

Artist’s rendering of the new Urban Seed Campus with Las Vegas strip in the background (Artwork courtesy of Urban Seed).

Keith Bell, the Chief Operating Officer and President of Urban Seed, has an extensive background in mechanical engineering. He has applied his talents to controlled environment growing and lighting. Also part of the management team is Barry Hartsock, an experience grower with 40 years of broad-based horticultural experience. Urban Seed believes it has taken the indoor growing arts to new levels.

Because Las Vegas is a food desert in terms of virtually no local production, the idea is that it will be a perfect fit for the large number of upscale restaurants in the city. Urban Seed has already established a strong relationship with culinary professionals in Las Vegas.

The groundwork, technological developments and financing for the new project has been in the works since 2010. Few urban farming enterprises that we have covered in our news pieces have such a diverse and experienced management team – may success follow their hard work. Following are two short video clips on Urban Seed:

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