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Urban Transportation – Is A Big Change Looming?

Positive Future #320 (Feature photo – The Electric Car SIN – Courtesy of Biomega)

The major components of a transportation vehicle are becoming more simple – electric motors and new high-tech batteries. Going away are the more complicated gas engines, heavy transmissions and the like. Currently, cars have an average of 28,000 to 30,000 parts – many of which are moving and need lubrication.

The simplification of the car means that even small nations can now get involved in re-inventing cars and transportation. The bicycle company called Biomega, from the small nation of Denmark (less than 6 million people), is actually taking a run at re-inventing urban vehicles. Its new electric car called the SIN will come with a price tag of around $23,000 and have a 100-mile urban range.

As every nation is looking to expand the jobs within its borders, the simplification of building cars can place major global automakers under increasing attack. Of particular impact is the encroachment coming from light evs (such as the SIN) that are being manufactured in third world nations at prices tags around $10,000.

Curbed journalist Liz Stinson brings to our attention what the Biomega car is all about. You can read the full story here:

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