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USDA’s Urban Agriculture Toolkit – Its Free (see below)

Touch the Soil News #372

While most federal spending on agriculture is to the industrial sector, the USDA’s focus on urban and local food (though much smaller) has become well established. Below are links to a USDA Websites with lots of information including the free Urban Agriculture Toolkit.

The Urban Agriculture Toolkit is a PDF (19) pages that covers these key areas:

  1. Business Planning
  2. Land Access
  3. Soil Quality
  4. Water Access and Use
  5. Capital and Financing
  6. Infrastructure
  7. Market Development

Federal support of local and urban food has even migrated into postal stamps.

USDA National Farmers Market Directory:


USDA Local Food Directories:


USDA Farmers Markets and Direct to Consumer Marketing Information:


Know Your Farmer – Know Your Food Resources:


USDA Urban Agriculture Toolkit page:


Following is a short video clip of USDA Undersecretary Kevin Concannon as he visits the Berkely Farmers’ Market:

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