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Wealth Inequality – Is There an Issue?

Positive Future #55 (Feature photo – Oxfam Campaign for Fair Trade – GNU Free Doc. License)

Oxfam is an international confederation of charitable organizations. It was founded in Great Britain in 1942 in response to conditions of famine during WWII. It was founded by a group of Quakers and social activists. Since then, it has grown to become the world’s premiere organization fighting to end poverty, want and hunger. Oxfam just released a new report: Reward Work, Not Wealth – to end the inequality crisis, we must build an economy for ordinary working people.

The report finds that only 42 people have more wealth than the bottom 3.6 billion people of the world – roughly half the global population. According to Oxfam: “Last year (2017) saw the biggest increase in billionaires in history, one more every two days. Billionaires saw their wealth increase by $762bn in 12 months. … 82 percent of all wealth created last year went to the top 1%, while the bottom 50 percent saw no increase at all. You can read about the report and download a copy here:


Not included in the report might be the trickle-down effect for small businesses who are suffering from a lack of consumer purchasing power. If folks don’t have sufficient finances to buy, businesses struggle to sell what they have to sell. Is this increasing awareness of the overall human condition a positive development?

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