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What is Your Water IQ? (Part 1 of 2)

Touch the Soil News #111 –– includes 1 video

The Institute of Food Technologies ( recently published research on global and individual water use. It provides a self-view of our lives through water use and availability. At the core of water use is agriculture, using 70 percent of all water use. To this we must add water use in processing, transportation and retailing.

Over the next few years, all the foods we eat will come under the water microscope. The questions will be simple – How water intensive is a particular food? How much water is available in the area a particular food grows best in? How much of a particular food is produced?

The following questions ask how much water goes into the production of a particular food. There are three choices for each food. Take your best guess estimate. Answers are provided in Part II of this series.

1) 1 lb. of milk – how many gallons of water does it take?

A. 300 gallons.     B. 31 gallons.     C. 98 gallons.

2) 1 lb. of chocolate – How many gallons of water does it take?

A .2,060 gallons.     B. 31 gallons.     C. 381 gallons.

3) 1 lb. of cheese – How many gallons of water does it take?

A. 718 gallons.     B. 98 gallons.     C. 381 gallons.

4) 1 lb. of wheat bread – How many gallons of water does it take?

A. 193 gallons.      B. 34 gallons.     C. 518 gallons.

5) 1 lb. of beef – How many gallons of water does it take?

A. 717 gallons.     B. 67 gallons.     C. 1,847 gallons.

6) 1 lb. of apples – How many gallons of water does it take?

A. 34 gallons.     B. 146 gallons.     C. 98 gallons.

While the world has lots of water, very little of it is fresh water suitable for agriculture and human use.  Of all the water in the world, 97 percent is salt water in oceans and seas. Only 3 percent of all the water in the world is freshwater. Of the 3 percent that is freshwater, 66 percent is in ice caps and glaciers, 30 percent is in groundwater and less than 2 percent is found in lakes and rivers.

Uploaded below is a short video by the institute on the highlights of water numbers.

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