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What Plants Do?

Touch the Soil News #685 (feature photo – CC SA 3.0)

Besides feed us, a closer look reveals that plants do a lot of things. The National Initiative for Consumer Horticulture ( ) recently released some interesting information about what plants do:

  1. A 25-foot tree in the yard can reduce annual heating and cooling costs for a typical home by 8-12 percent.
  2. Almost one fourth (1/4) of American homes grow berries, veggies or fruit trees.
  3. Trees along roads create shade. Shaded roads save up to 60 percent of repaving costs, improve driver safety and result in fewer traffic accidents.
  4. Stores with landscaped areas have expanded sales resulting from longer shopping occasions and can charge more due to higher perceived quality.
  5. Office plants reduce employee sick time by 14 percent and improve work productivity and speed.
  6. America’s public gardens are key tourist attractions and contribute $2.3 billion in community tourism spending.
  7. Horticulture creates 2 million jobs across a diverse array of businesses.
  8. Well-landscaped homes are more valuable.
  9. Trails and greenways increase property values and make adjacent homes sell faster.
  10. Horticulture contributes $196 billion to the U.S. economy, directly benefitting the health of every citizen.

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