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What’s Going on With GMO Labeling?

Touch the Soil News #790

In dramatic turmoil during 2016, the States lost their right to require GMO labeling. The Federal Government revoked those rights and approved mandatory labeling by 2018. However, mandatory labeling does not mean foods will be labeled as containing GMO ingredients.

There is a push to provide GMO identification in foods only electronically through QR codes. Problem is that 64 percent of Americans – many of whom can’t afford organics – don’t have smart phones.

As we speak, the Trump Administration has failed to complete – through the USDA – a mandatory study that last year’s GMO labeling law required. The study was to explore issues with implementing the GMO labeling law to include how digital reporting of GMO ingredients excludes over 100 million Americans. Even for those with smart phones, having to scan every product that might contain GMOs – an average of 50 items per average grocery trip – could prove to be so cumbersome as to invalidate the labeling mandate.

The mandatory study was to be completed by July, 2017. However, neither the Trump Administration nor USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue produced the required report.

In response to the non-action by the current presidential administration, the Center for Food Safely is now suing Sonny Perdue (Secretary of Ag) and the USDA on the matter. The lawsuit was filed on 8/25/2017 in Federal Court. The suit claims that the USDA has failed to comply with the mandatory deadlines established by the 2016 Federal Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standards Act.

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