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When People Work Together

Touch the Soil News #847 (Feature photo – courtesy of Braddock Farms and Superior Motors)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has an unusual restaurant – it’s called Superior Motors. Chef Kevin Sousa, with the support of over 2,000 dedicated supporters, raised over $300,000 to build the restaurant.

It’s called Superior Motors as the restaurant was a renovation of the defunct Superior Motors car dealership.

Bucking the trend when it comes to the formation of capital and starting a new business, Superior Motors Restaurant is not finished. The Restaurant is now in the process of developing a greenhouse on its roof and a 4,000 square foot raised-bed farm on its grounds. It is the first restaurant in Pittsburgh to open its own urban farm.

Chef Sousa has hired veteran urban farmer Marshall Hart to take charge of creating the farm. It’s kind of like a re-birth of a wasted lot. Hart explains that he’ll begin by testing the plot for contaminants like lead and remediated the soil. Every empty plot of ground is really just a flat pile of rubble with remnants of bricks, concrete and other debris.

The new farm is no easy task as it will need things like heating and ventilation for the rooftop greenhouse. The farm on the ground will need an irrigation system, a deer fence and sand and compost to build up the clay soil. A lot of work to do over the winter to get it ready for the spring of 2018 planting.

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