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When Soldiers Start Farming

Positive Future #755 (Feature photo – Food Gardening in the Philippines –  CCA 2.0 Generic, Sustainable Sanitation Alliance)

One thing is becoming clear – food chain disruptions may be the antidote to a world that has succumbed to coronavirus fears. Few things represent a greater existential risk to food than dramatic economic curtailment.

While the latest statistics reveal a world plagued by 3.7 million coronavirus cases (most of which will recover), that only represents .05% world’s population of 7.7 billion people. Placing the world’s food pipelines at risk of disruption and backwashing on farmers at the same time has consequences that are now coming on the horizon – like a food line of people (shoulder to shoulder) for 2.5 miles in South Africa waiting for a food allocation (Must See Video Below).

The Inquirer.Net in the Philippines reports some interesting news. The Department of Agriculture entered a partnership with the Armed Forces of the Philippines to initiate an urban agriculture program. You can read the story here of how this nation of over 100 million people see food differently:

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